Menarini Invests 150 Million Euros in a New Pharmaceutical Plant in Italy

Its name will be linked to the relaunch of the country

Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti: “A heartfelt choice for our country”


Menarini chooses Italy for its new €150 million manufacturing site.

Not only will the new plant be the most modern and among the largest of the Group, but it will also be a sign of Italy’s strong desire to relaunch itself. The decision to interrupt the search for the most economically attractive international location and the choice to favour Italy matured during the extremely difficult period of the lockdown, when the tragic consequences of the pandemic on the Italian economy began to be evident. “Together with the Board of Directors we made a decision with our hearts: to favour our country, and to do it with an investment of €150 million that would immediately contribute to the economy and to employment,” commented Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, shareholders and members of the Menarini Board. “We are an Italian company and we are proud to be one.  Here we will manufacture drugs which are the essence of the Menarini Group and are used every day by tens of millions of patients in Italy and abroad.

The site will be built near Florence, it will cover a total area of 40,000 square meters and employ 250 people and just as many in the satellite activities.  It will be a smart manufacturing plant with innovative production technologies and automation and digitalization systems in line with the Industry 4.0 program including important environmental sustainability objectives.

The plant will have an annual production capacity of about 100 million packs corresponding to about 3 billion tablets and will be imprinted with that same desire for relaunching the country which gave it life thanks to a particular initiative: “This manufacturing site will be given its name much as with a new baby,” continue Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti.  It will be our employees who will choose it.  A name that embodies the courage, the will and the heart of an Italy that wants to get back on its feet and unite in the most difficult moments.



The Menarini Group, which has recently announced the tender offer of the US biotech company, Stemline, closed 2019 with growing figures compared to 2018.

Turnover reaches nearly € 3 billion 800 million (€3,793 million), with an increase of 3.2% compared to 2018, and an EBITDA of €492 million.  Growth was driven by international markets despite the patent expiration of Adenuric (febuxostat), a drug for hyperuricemia.

"The year that ended was obviously not affected by the Covid-19 crisis and saw Menarini increase its presence abroad and strengthen its governance with the appointment in September of the Group’s CEO, Elcin Barker Ergun.  Today international turnover makes up 77% of the total one thanks to the dedication and commitment of our employees who are the ambassadors of quality of all Menarini drugs worldwide." commented Eric Cornut, Chairman of the Menarini Group.



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